The Reconstruction
of Ukraine

Ruination / Representation / Solidarity

Building Ukraine Together ( B.U.R )

the program of CO "Ukrainian educational platform", which creates opportunities for the youth to make changes in the country through volunteering.

Chernihiv Crew

A self-organised initiative who help people in small villages in Chernihiv region to re-build their houses after bombing. Collecting money for building materials, medicine, gasoline.

Brave to Rebuild

Volunteer weekend initiative that is currently growing, forming group of volunteers who help to restore damaged houses in Kyiv region.


A grassroots initiative that has grown out of our time on the Polish-Ukrainian border, helping refugees with their immediate needs as they arrive into Poland.

Kyiv Angels

A team of volunteers, who help civilians and military in Ukraine's hotspots.

Repair Together

Ukrainian grassroots volunteer initiative to restore the communities that suffered from the occupation.

Livij Bereh

Left bank of Dnipro river. Volunteer group based in Kyїv and working in regions affected by the war.


Dobrobat is a volunteer building division, working on restoration and reconstruction of broken houses in Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv regions and elsewhere in Ukraine.

Ukraine / 2022